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By Brandis Wilmore 01 Nov, 2016
Home Health has many levels of care that it can provide patients. While it can be overwhelming when you are in the hospital or rehabilitation facility, trying to decide on a home health agency can add to that burden. Be Healthy at Home wants to be your number one choice, however,  remember it is YOUR choice and many things should go into making that choice. First, is local access to that agency. Having an agency based in your community is very important in coordination of care. It is crucial to coordinate all providers involved in your healthcare so that communication is happening and nothing gets left out. Secondly, face to face time, this should always happen prior to discharge. By doing this, it will allow you and your family members to ask questions, get to know the person of contact and just have a clear understanding of what services are being ordered or even just have a good description of what to expect post discharge.   Last but not least, looking at the agency's outcomes and comparing it to other agencies is important. This is public information and can be found at the website in the Home Health Compare section. Being educated on what to expect in your Home Health and Hospice care is very important in getting the best results after a hospitalization or planned surgery. November is a great time to recognize and give thanks to these wonderful providers and the care and compassion they provide each and every person.  


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Be Healthy at Home is in the heart of the Hill Country serving numerous counties including Hays, Travis and Comal. We are locally owned and operated in Buda, Texas.

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Be Healthy at Home is your local and family owned choice for healthcare at home. Our highly trained and caring staff strive to help our clients maintain more full, independent and enjoyable lives within the comfort of their own homes. We cater our programs to what each individual needs, while coordinating with your physician. 

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What is skilled home healthcare?

Home healthcare consists of skilled healthcare services provided in the patient's home by healthcare professionals. Services provided by Be Healthy include nursing care or rehabilitation following a hospital stay. Be Healthy at Home specializes in skilled care by highly qualified and compassionate professionals. 

Heal in the comfort of your own home!

Our services allow you or your loved ones to avoid lengthy hospital stays and recover in the comfort of your own home. Be Healthy at Home offers specialized programs for each individual based on your particular needs. A Registered Nurse comes to your home to assess your needs and communicates with your physician to ensure proper coordination in care. Our services allow you to be with your family in a comfortable setting which can be a key factor in the recovery process.


Do I Qualify for Home
Health Services?

Does This Describe You?
  • You are under the care of a physician
  • You are currently home-bound
  • You desire to stay at home during recovery
  • You are requiring skilled nursing, physical therapy or speech therapy on an intermittent basis
  • You want another plan other than the Emergency Room to manage chronic conditions and non-emergent ailments
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